Pellegrino’s moderator style has been described as warm, friendly, knowledgeable, professional, playful, curious and fearless.

Whether he is hosting conferences, award ceremonies, gala dinners, or chairing panel discussions live on stage, Pellegrino expertly manages to strike the perfect balance between “owning the stage” and helping the people who are on stage to shine and to be their absolute best.

As conference host and moderator, Pellegrino draws on a vast repertoire of stories, anecdotes, and presentation techniques to create smooth and relevant links between the various segments and speakers of the event.

Whenever he leads panel discussion, Pellegrino sees his role as an extension of the audience’s inner voice, where his job is to ask questions that many people think but often do not dare to say out loud.

In this role, Pellegrino is fearless but always respectful of the person he is interacting with on stage.

“My job is not to catch you out, but to catch what you are trying – or not trying – to say.”

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“Pellegrino Riccardi was our moderator for InnoTown 2014 and 2015.

On both occasions, Pellegrino displayed a truly unique ability to lead our international audience through two intense conference days.

Always well-prepared, Pellegrino is both knowledgeable and highly entertaining at the same time. With his warm, disarming and humorous style, Pellegrino displays a rare ability to seamlessly link everything together.

Pellegrino received unanimous praise from both the InnoTown attendees and the conference speakers themselves. We look forward to having Pellegrino back for more upcoming Innotown conferences.”

— Dag Lausund, Managing Director, InnoTown, Norway



Mobile: +47 905 37179