Negotiation Skills

In this course you will learn how to become a “WIN-win Negotiator”. No, that was not a typing error…  A “WIN-win Negotiator” is a negotiator who wins more than the other party but also makes the opposite party feel like they have won something too. Not easy.

You will learn some of the basic psychology of negotiations, as well as how to deal with difficult or destructive negotiators.

Gard-logoThere are many actors in the market who can deliver good training in Negotiations Skills, but we chose Pellegrino for three main reasons: firstly, he has an excellent concept; secondly, he manages to focus and tailor his concept to the most important and relevant negotiation situations our employees face on a daily basis; and thirdly – and I would say most importantly – Pellegrino is by far the best at communicating and teaching his concepts, combining his challenging, engaging and humouristic style with practical tools and guideliness.


Three months after the courses, we conduct evaluations to measure the long-term effect of the training we have in-house. We found that many of Pellegrino’s concepts and learning points were not only remembered by our employees but also used actively by them, which in turn led to lasting positive business results.
– Jens Martinius Nilsen, Vice President

You will also understand how to influence and persuade people, how to “push” and “pull” them.

You will learn how to communicate value in your products and services so that you can get the best terms and conditions for them.

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