Cross-Cultural Training

In this course you will learn how to communicate more effectively with other cultures and nationalities.

You will understand where to look for the cultural differences and how to avoid cultural clashes.

You will also learn how to use The Lewis Model and Culture Active, a practical and easy-to-use model based on the three primary colours red, blue, and yellow.

Fredskorpset-logoFK Norway have had the privilege of working with Pellegrino Riccardi for many years. He shares relevant learning which FK Norway participants travelling to live and work in another country can effectively use as tools in understanding and improving their relations with people across borders.


Furthermore, Pellegrino is engaging and intelligently funny. By opening our senses to different communication languages in a very congenial manner, he encourages us to stand closer and create rapport.

– Nita Kapoor, Director

As an optional extra you can take The Lewis Culture Test to find out your personal cultural preferences and to learn how this affects your ability to communicate cross-culturally with your colleagues and business counterparts.

Through a number of real-life case studies you will apply the Lewis model to help you increase your level of Cultural Intelligence (CQ).

Statoil-logoFirst I must say that we were very satisfied with the teambuilding – and your contribution was one of the important reasons for this. The rest of the team and myself were so impressed about the way you had tailored the session to Statoil core values and our Dutch supplier, as well as the Dutch /Norwegian audience. In addition you also touched upon all the most relevant cultural differences that we have experienced and had the greatest challenges with so far in our project. Thank you so much.
– Inger Austefjord, HSE Manager Marine & Pipeline

I can tailor the contents of the course to your specific cross-cultural needs and specific nationalities.

I run half-day, 1-day and 2-day courses anywhere in the world.

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