I was born in the UK to an Italian family. My mother and father emigrated from Avellino in the south of Italy to a city called Bath in the UK. I grew up with two very different cultures inside me. I learnt how to reconcile these two cultures and, even more importantly, how to capitalize and get the best out of these two very different worlds.

Today I live and work in Norway. I am married to a Norwegian and I have 3 Norwegian children. Every day I work at reconciling this third culture into my life.

Pellegrino is a very unusual first name, even for Italians. It means “pilgrim”. It is a very suitable name for me because for the past 30 years I have travelled around the world in various professional forms and interacted with countless different cultures, nationalities and people-types. I use this experience to help me in my work.

Moving my life to another country brought about a lot of change in me as a person, and it wasn’t an easy change either. I learned to see myself through the eyes of others, which was not always pleasant. Human beings are great adapters to their environment, and I have certainly adapted to mine. I share my knowledge and experiences with thousands of people every year through my courses and presentations.

One of my mantras in life is “Don’t criticize what you don’t understand!” In my work, I help people to understand themselves, understand others, understand what drives and motivates people, understand how to get the best out of themselves and out of others.